Ben Ottewell-The Landsdowne Hotel-4th July 2017



Ben Ottewell-The Landsdowne Hotel-4th July 2017

The Landsdowne is back on the music map and it was an intimate group of under one hundred for this stop on Ottewell’s short spin around Australia. Ben joked during the set, as he drank from an iced glass of yellowish liquid, that he was fuelled by the urine of his support act. Whatever was keeping him going was perfect because his unique vocal style and excellent guitar work was splendid to hear.

With 3 solo albums to his name now, the lead guitarist still attached to the band Gomez (by name only of late), gave us a good selection of new songs and others from his solo catalogue and 4 from the Gomez ranks.

Ottewell is a fabulous guitarist and even he mentioned during one song, how he misses the electric guitar, but his acoustic performances of these numbers are arranged very well. His solo work continues to mature and with his latest record “A Man Apart” his lyricism and delivery rates highly.

You could tell by the reaction of the crowd during the four Gomez numbers that the audience was made up of fans of that band. Rhythm And Blues Alibi was a highlight and as with Gomez, you can lose yourself in the music. There were even some who stood, swayed, and danced a bit.

Tijuana Lady, quite possibly yelled out at every gig Ottewell plays, closed the show. If you do not know the song, have a listen on the clip below. If you do know it, well, listen again anyway as it is a classic piece of work. (move bottom)

The electric guitar may find its way into Ben’s hands next year with the 20th anniversary of his band Gomez coming up. They have been quiet for a while; let’s hope they bring it on next year.

Set list:

1-Steal Away

2-A Man Apart


4-Patience and Rosaries

5-Free To Run


7-Rhythm and Blues Alibi




11-Better Lie


12-Red Dress

13-Bring It On


15-Tijuana Lady