The War On Drugs-Live-Sydney-2018

The War On Drugs

Live @ The Enmore Theatre

6 Feb 2018

Next time The War On Drugs play Sydney it will probably be a larger venue then The Enmore Theatre. They can now fill a stadium with fans, there is no doubt. They can also fill just about any space with their layered and gorgeous sounds.

The set-list tonight was made up of their 2017 Grammy Award winning record (Best Rock Album), A Deeper Understanding and 2014’s Lost In The Dream. “Buenos Aires Beach”, from their debut Wagonwheel Blues, was thrown in for good measure!

The six piece took us on a sonic journey where people stood and grooved and danced a wee bit when the guitar solos went ballistic. Adam Granduciel showed once again that he can take us away for many minutes when he gets lost in the strings. Sonic beauty and psychedelic travels were all part of the fun.


The influences of many other artists pop up when you listen to them. I will leave that for you to discover as you dip into these last two albums. If you have already, I will leave those interpretations to you. For me I just want to be in a car with the windows wide open and this band blasting as the miles drift by easily. Road and headphone music of the top shelf quality.

And although we did not get their Grateful Dead cover (“Touch Of Grey”) or Neil Young’s “Like A Hurricane”, we were given a reading of Zevon’s  “Accidentally Like A Martyr”, which might have been the only real singalong for the evening.

For the rest of the night the crowd was lost in the beauty that is The War On Drugs.  “Strangest Thing” early in the set was tremendous and the troika of “Under Pressure”, “In Reverse”, and “Eyes To The Wind” just blew the roof off to end the evening. Don’t miss them next time.

The War On Drugs


“Lead me through the light
Pull me from the water
Hold my hand and something turns to me
Turns me into you
Just see it through my eyes
Love me like no other
Hold my hand and something turns to me
Turns me into you
Turn in me
Into you…”

Simply, digging this song as it hits my psychedelic heart….and the new album “Deeper Understanding” is a head phone masterpiece….